70 Cent Stamps

70 Cent Stamps

70 Cent Stamps for Wedding Invitations or For Those who love stamps

Want to buy stamps for wedding invitations or you looking for 70 Cent Stamps, then you are at right place, so don’t go anywhere just start reading. Wow, A 70 cent stamp is needed if your wedding mail or invitation is either:

  1. A 2 oz letter
  2. A 1 oz letter that is odd-sized

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70 Cent Stamps choices

The United States Postal Service offers four  different wedding stamps at the $0.70 cent face-value. They also have two other $0.70 stamps, a butterfly and a picture of African-American aviator C. By contrast Zazzle offers thousands of designs for wedding-themed $0.70 stamps as well as all other first-class face values that are approved by the USPS and they’re available now!

USPS $0.70 Postage Stamps Zazzle Custom $0.70 Postage Stamps
70 Cent Stamps 70 Cent Stamps
Only Four 70¢ Wedding Stamps More than 350,000 Wedding-Themed Stamps
Ugly Postmark on Invitations New technology means no postmarks
ensuring your invitations remain beautiful
Available at USPS.com
or your Local Post Office
Only Available at Zazzle

I recommend you to please always buy stamps from online stores because they have variety of designs and thousands of stamps themes for their customers, one of them is Zazzle. Find the perfect wedding stamps or 70 Cent Stamps for your invitations!

Zazzle has over 350,000 $0.70 cent wedding postage stamps, so don’t settle for the the stamps from the post office.

  • Other common charges for wedding stamps:
    • $0.34 cent stamps (for postcards)
    • $0.49 cent stamps (1st class – 1 oz)
    • $0.91 cent stamps (1st class – 3 oz & 2 oz odd size)
    • $0.98 cent stamps (1st class large envelope – 1 oz)
    • $1.12 cent stamps (1st class – 3.5 oz)

Online sites to buy Postage Stamps:

  • weddingstamps.us
  • store.usps.com
  • www.etsy.com

Stamps for Odd Size 1 oz Letters

If you are mailing your wedding invitations in 2017 and it weighs 1oz, then you will need a 70 cent stamp to mail it 1st-class. The post office charges a 21 cent surcharge (included in the $0.70 price) for “odd-size” mailings which includes the following services:

  1. square envelopes
  2. items that are rigid
  3. items that donnot bend easily
  4. items that have strings, or other non-standard closures

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