Postage Stamps Australia

Postage Stamps Australia

Stamp prices 2017

postage stamps australia

Postage Stamps Australia: Our domestic stamp prices start from 60c, overseas from $1.70.

Australian Postal Service Offers variety of Postage stamps and its rates vary for different stamps. Here we have compiled about Postage Stamps Australia. Don’t worry now you will get all the info about stamps in Australia.

Australia made it easy for its residents and offers an online store from where you can buy stamps not only stamps but book of stamps and personalized stamps.

So, what you have to do:

Do you have an internet connection, then just visit and buy as many as you want.

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Postage Stamps Australia Price:

Domestic Stamp Prices

postage stamps australia

Quantity Price
Single stamp $1
Concession stamp $0.60c
Christmas stamp $0.65c
Booklet of 10 stamps $10
Booklet of 20 stamps $20
Box of 100 stamps $100


International Stamps Prices

Letter type New Zealand Asia/Pacific Rest of the World
Seasonal greeting card up to 20g
(Nov/Dec only)*
$1.70 $1.80 $2.55
Aerogramme $2.40 $2.40 $2.40
Letter up to 50g $1.95 $2.10 $2.95
Letter over 50g up to 250g $5.35 $5.75 $8
Letter over 250g up to 500g $10.75 $13 $18

Personalised Stamps:

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This is great step by Australia postage service as it cares what you want so what are you waiting for. Its big deal, hurry up. Add a special touch to invites and cards – choose a design and upload your photo!

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