Target Sell Stamps

Target Sell Stamps

Does Target Sell Stamps

Does target sell stamps or not, its a big question when you have target stores near your place or all other sources are closed. You can also find does Walmarts Sell stamps, does Walgreens sell stamps, does 7-Eleven sell stamps and so on.

But honestly, almost all of my stamps come from eBay, just because it’s super super easy.

Don’t be confused, there are many places you can find that will happily sell you stamps. From stores like Walmart to drug stores, to grocery stores and banks, many places carry stamps for you to purchase at standard USPS pricing.

Does Target Sell Stamps

So, the answer is “YES”, but not all Target stores. Some Target stores do sell stamps, You have to check first with your specific Target store location and ask them if they sell postage stamps to be sure.

Most likely Target Super stores (just like Walmart, Walgreens, Banks, Pharmacies, Gas Stations, Amazon etc), will have US postal stamps that can be purchased at the cashier or from the Customer Service desk.

View stamps pricing information at – Postage Rates & Prices page.

Order stamps online through The USPS Postal Store.

 Tip! Still confused don’t worry Check out this Extensive Guide 2017 to help you choose the services that are best for you. 


USPS Postage Rates 2017

New Rates 2017 Postage Rates
First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) – Retail/Post Office Rate* $0.49
First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) – Metered Mail/ Rate $0.46
First Class Mail Letter – each additional ounce $0.21
Postcard $0.34

View the Full pricing list of Postage Stamps 2017 Cost.

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