Wedding Stamps

Wedding Stamps

Wedding Stamps 2017

wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding. It is typically written in formal, third-person language and mailed five to eight weeks before the wedding date. But did you know that wedding stamps are also available for those who love each other.

In countries that issue them, the envelope may be franked with love stamps. The United States postal service (USPS) issues a love stamp every year specifically denominated to cover the double weight of the invitation and reply.

Don’t Know where to buy stamps then:

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Where to Buy Wedding Stamps

Wedding Stamps 2017

When you’re going to buy postage stamps for wedding invitations, avoid the temptation to buy from cheaper sellers beacause they don’t have quality stamps, so what should you do always go with USPS.

At least, that’s what I would recommend to anyone I know.  This is because we’ve read and watched many horror stories about brides, like you, also wondering where to buy stamps for wedding invitations and opting for a third-party retailer because it either

a) has a really cool stamp they want, or

b) is cheaper than other stores.

The best method is to buy online especially when shopping online you can take a deep look at the wedding stamps easily.  Either head to your post office or order online from USPS.  You’ll know for a fact your postage stamps will be mail-certified, mint, and the exact design you ordered from online postal service.

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You can buy wedding stamps from the following sites online:

  1. Love / Wedding from The Postal Store of USPS

  2. Wedding Postage Stamps from Zazzle

  3. Wedding Stamps from Wedding Paper Divas

  4. Love Stamps from Minted

  5. From Wedding Stamps

  6. Wide collection of stamps from Amazon

  7. Wedding Stamps eBay

  8. Postage Stamps from Walmart

2017 USPS Postage Rates

According to the USPS, here are the current rates for 1st class mail (most invitations) in 2017:

Wedding Stamps 2017

Type/Weight Rate
Postcards $.34
1st class, 1 oz $.49
1st class, 1 oz – odd size $.70
1st class, 2 oz $.70
1st class, 2 oz – odd size $.91
1st class, 3 oz $.91
1st class large envelope, 1 oz $.98
1st class, 3 oz – odd size $1.12
1st class, 3.5 oz $1.12
1st class large envelope, 2 oz $1.19
1st class large envelope, 3 oz $1.40
1st class large envelope, 4 oz $1.61
1st class large envelope, 5 oz $1.82
1st class large envelope, 6 oz $2.03

Yes, lots of wedding stamps to choose from. Who knew there were so many beautiful stamps available!

Hope it helps!

Happy wedding!

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